Graeme Hayes - "Le répertoire d'action collective d'Extinction Rébellion en Grande-Bretagne"

Séminaire international
25 mars 2021 14:00 - 17:00

Séminaire international

avec Graeme Hayes - Aston University, Birmingham - UK

Intervenant :
Graeme Hayes (Aston University, Birmingham-UK)
Lien internet : ICI


Discutant.e : Mathilde Szuba, chargée de recherche CNRS - Sociologie
Domaines de recherche : Antidiscrimination, politiques de la nationalité, racialisation, intersectionnalité, ethnographie, France, Allemagne
Lien internet : ICI

Graeme Hayes introduces himself
"Having taught at the University of Wolverhampton (1992-2001) and Nottingham Trent University (2001-7), I joined Aston in 2007, becoming Head of Sociology and Policy in 2018. I am Visiting Professor at the Political Science Institute in Lille, where I teach a class on environmental mobilisations, and an associate member of the Arenes research laboratory.

Research Interests
My research focuses primarily on social movements, with an emphasis on protest strategies, and developing ideas of activist traditions, and collective memory. I am especially interested in the criminal trials of social movement activists. I am joint Editor of Environmental Politics, and Consulting Editor for Social Movement Studies, for which I was editor in chief from 2010-15."

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