Management team

Since 1 January 2020, the management team is made up of 3 people:

Anne-Cécile DOUILLET
(director), Julien TALPIN (deputy director) and Younès HADDADI (administrative and financial manager of the Laboratory).

A little history...

The CERAPS has had UMR status since 2002. It took over from the CRAPS, a host team created in 1979 and associated with the CNRS since 1982.

It was directed by Frédéric SAWICKI, professor of political science, from 1999 to 2009.
Jean-Gabriel CONTAMIN, professor of political science, succeeded him and served as director until 2017, in collaboration with, successively, Virginie GUIRAUDON, Alexis SPIRE, and Etienne PENISSAT.

In December 2017, Etienne PENISSAT, CNRS research fellow, took over the management of the laboratory, first in collaboration with Jean-Gabriel CONTAMIN, who became Dean of the Law faculty, and then, from January 2019, in collaboration with Julien TALPIN (deputy director).