The Centre for Administrative, Political and Social Studies and Research                                                                     CERAPS                                               

is a research laboratory that combines political science, public law and sociology.

With training in political science and public law, it brings together 48 teacher-researchers, 9 CNRS researchers, 11 ITA/BIATSS and about fifty doctoral students.

Involved in several research networks at the international level, the Ceraps is part of the Principle International Associated Laboratory (LIA) with the CPDS of the University of Montreal and leads the OLA (Observatory on Local Autonomy) network.

The CERAPS is concerned with conducting quality research open to society and, as a working group, seeks to develop relationships based on exchange, critical intelligence, cooperation and conviviality.

               The Laboratory's position
                            in favour of Fariba Adelkhah 

A gift book for Fariba Adelkhah on the occasion of her birthday on 25 April: a catalogue of collages Fariba created in prison from scraps of wood and leather: "When nothing sings for you, sing for yourself". You will find in it the sense of poetry and humour that she is known for.
"À Evin la vie continue..."

Arrested in June 2019, Fariba Adelkhah is a scientific prisoner in Iran, now facing a five-year prison sentence following a trial on the charge of "colluding to undermine national security".
Since 3 October 2020, Fariba has been under house arrest, with the control of an electronic bracelet, without being able to move beyond a perimeter of 300 metres...
This conviction is a direct attack on the freedom of science.

On 5 March 2021, publication of 4 articles by Fariba Adelkhah by the "Revue comparative de sciences sociales : Critique internationale"
N°90 - Ecrits d’avant prison: un numéro de Critique internationale consacré à Fariba
(Writings before prison. For the release of Fariba Adelkhah)

In solidarity with Fariba Adelkhah, imprisoned in Iran since June 5, 2019, the editorial staff of "Critique internationale" reproduces here four of her articles, witnesses of a long term work honored on December 15, 2020 by the Irène Joliot-Curie Prize in the category "Woman Scientist of the Year".

On 9 October 2020, the University of Geneva awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Fariba Adelkhah in support of her fight for scientific freedom and to reward her work as an anthropologist so unanimously recognised.

To support Fariba Adelkhah's fight, click "HERE".

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        In the spotlight!

The CERAPS is outraged by the words of the Minister Frédérique Vidal and calls for the respect of the freedom of research.

At a time when the words of the Minister Frédérique Vidal on 'Islamo-leftism and the launch of an investigation into the research carried out at the University are causing widespread indignation in the academic community, the CERAPS wishes to reaffirm, against unfounded accusations, that by deciphering the relations of power and inequality in our societies (gender, class, race inequalities), social science researchers are simply doing their job.

Moreover, this research is already subject to peer review, which is the only guarantee of scientific rigour.

The CERAPS will continue to carry out plural research on all forms of discrimination and the production of inequalities and to promote scientific debate on these issues.